Thursday, August 1, 2013

London/Oxford: July 9--14, 2013

 Tate Britain Museum, London
 Bodleian Library, Oxford
 Oxford pub where Tolkien, CS Lewis and Inklings hung out
 Asmolean Museum, Oxford
 one side of Christ Church, Oxford
 a garden at Christ Church, Oxford
 Buckingham Palace, London
 National Gallery, London
 Victoria and Albert Museum, London
 where London Sketchcrawlers met on July 13
 the Tube underground in London
 London Chinatown
 the Ox in Oxford
 an exhibit at the Bodleian Library
 St Pancras in London (a hotel and underground station)
 British Library in London
 a guard near Buckingham Palace
 a garden in Hyde Park in London
 lots of swans and Canada geese at Hyde Park Serpentine Lake
 an exhibit titled El Bulli about the chef Ferran Adria at Somerset House
London Sketchcrawlers' sketches
 Sketchcrawlers at Victoria Embankment Gardens
 at Somerset House in front of Miles Aldridge's photo
Westminster Abbey

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