Friday, August 2, 2013

Edinburgh: July 26--30-2013

 at Loch Lomond
 view of highlands
 another of view of highlands
 at Stirling Castle
 view from Stirling Castle--William Wallace monument in the distance
 Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle
 The Kiss at Scottish National Gallery
 Paton's painting
 coming down from Arthur's Seat
 St Gile's Cathedral
 view of Glasgow from tour bus
 Loch Lomond
 shepherd training a herding dog at the Scottish Wool Center
 Hamish the Highland Cow
 Edinburgh Castle--yes, you walk through a rugby stadium to get there!
 another room at the Edinburgh Castle
 view from the Edinburgh Castle--notice all the tourists lined up in the rain to get tickets!
Come on, Scottish Tourism Board, can't you build a shelter for us?!
 exhibit: Prisons of War at the Edinburgh Castle
 view from the Edinburgh Castle
 Edinburgh Castle
 entrance to Edinburgh Castle
 Scottish National Gallery
 exhibit: Dressed to Kill at the City Art Centre
 entrance to City Art Centre
 Dumbar's close garden
 Scottish Parliament
 rocky crag at Holyrood Park
 top of rocky crag: Arthur's Seat (250 m)
 Arthur's Seat
 National Library of Scotland
 The Elephant House Cafe, where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter
 toilet graffiti at the Elephant House
background clay installation by Andy Goldsworthy, National Museum of Scotland

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