Thursday, July 31, 2014

Germany: Dresden July 2014

 BB room: Pension Am Renner
 garden in Zwinger area
 Parade of Nobles tile mural
 Royal Palace area
 sculpture of Ludwig Richter, 1800s Romantic painter/printmaker
 Royal Palace museums
 Zwinger: Mathematics-Physics Salon
snack break
 Saxon Switzerland National Park
 sandstone outcroppings

Bastei Bridge 

 detail: Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane
 snack break
 fast food dinner at a kebab doner: falafel was greasy and doughy

Germany: Wittenberg July 2014

 Am Alten Anker hotel
 wall art at the pedestrian underpass
 hospital where Mark went to the ER to get his flu symptoms checked out--waited 6 hours!
 dinner at Wittenberger Kartoffelhaus, where the entire menu consists of potatoes!
 downtown: Castle Church was closed for renovation, where Martin Luther preached and nailed up his 95 theses
 wife of Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora
 Lutherhaus, where Martin Luther and his family lived
dinner at El Castello

Germany: Berlin July 2014

 New Masters Gallery
 New Masters Gallery
 at Kultur Forum
 Pergamon Museum
Easy Hotel room: width of bed=width of room!
 Vietnamese dinner
 paste up graffiti?
 dinner at La Vespa
 shoe store display
 lunch at Kultur Forum café
dinner at Sophien 11

Germany: Cochem/Moselkern/Muden July 2014

 our BB room: Zum Frohlichen Weinberg
 Cochem Castle
 view of Mosel River from Cochem Castle
 Cochem Castle
 eiskaffee and Sacher torte at Cochem Castle Café
 touristy gift shop in Cochem
 Moselkern, where the trail begins to hike up to Burg Eltz Castle
 hiking for 2 hours to the castle!
 Burg Eltz Castle
 Burg Eltz
 Burg Eltz
 a station of the cross, on the Moselsteig hiking trail
 on the way down to Muden, on the Moselsteig trail, passing a vineyard, additional 1.5 hrs of hiking!
 dinner at Pomo D'Oro, Cochem
one of our favorite beers: radler