Friday, August 2, 2013

Signs in England and Scotland, July 2013

Eating and Sleeping in England/Scotland July 2013

 London BB in Kennington
 tea at London BB
 sandwiches at Pret A Manger, London
 breakfast at London BB
 dinner at Wan Chai Chinese restaurant, London Chinatown
 store-bought scones only 1 bp
 fish and chips w/mushy peas at Eagle and Child pub, Oxford
 Cornish pasties
 tea at London National Gallery cafe
 smoked mackerel, fish and chips, fish pie at Dog House pub, Kennington
 Webster's BB in Salisbury
 front of Webster's BB
 fish and chips and shrimp scampi at King's Head Inn, Salisbury
 vegetarian English breakfast at Webster's BB
 savoury cheese scone from Stonehenge
 scone display at Tesco
 fish cakes and fish pie at Slug and Lettuce pub
 St Anne's Guest House in York
 fish and chips from Mr Chippy, York
 front of St Anne's Guest House
 mocha coffee at Society Lounge and Bar, York
 raspberry pastry at Society Lounge and Bar
 shrimp scampi and lasangne at Yates' pub, York
 vegetarian English breakfast at St Anne's Guest House
 coffee and scone at Filmore and Union cafe, York
 3 scones for 1.50 bp from a local York bakery
 The Fold BB in Hurst Green
 front of The Fold
 Ploughman's lunch (?) at Bayley Arms pub, Hurst Green
 fish pie at Bayley Arms
 vegetarian English breakfast at The Fold BB
 fish pie at Eagle and Child pub, Hurst Green
 fish and chips at Eagle and Child pub
 cheddar cheese from Millie's Cafe, Hurst Green
 fish pie and smoked salmon sandwich at Shireburn Arms pub, Hurst Green
 Laurel Bank BB, Keswick
 front of Laurel Bank BB
 vegetarian English breakfast at Laurel Bank BB
 haddock at Laurel Bank BB
 coffee and chocolate pastry at Booths Cafe, Keswick
 open display at Booths grocery store, Keswick
Can Americans tolerate such a display?!
 coffee at Croft Farm Cafe, Buttermere
 Star Villa BB, Edinburgh
 fish cakes and fish and chips at Uncle's, Edinburgh
 coffee, scone, mac+cheese at Scottish Wool Center, Aberfoyle
 front of Star Villa BB
 coffee and chocolate cake at Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh
 coffee and vegetable pie+mashed potatoe at Elephant House, Edinburgh
coffee and spinach+cheese stromboli at Elephant House
tuna sandwiches, strawberry cheesecake, orange almond cake at Le Cafe Bleu, Edinburgh