Sunday, July 29, 2012

Salzburg--Land of Mozart and Sound of Music (SOM): July 14--18, 2012

Getreidegasse--famous for wrought-iron shop signs

Salzburg Museum

Salzach River
Hohensalzburg Fortress at the top

view of Mirabell Palace garden from Baroque Museum

locks on pedestrian bridge: symbolizing love/unions

headquarter of Red Bull Energy Drink in Fuschl Town (east of Salzburg)

Salzburg Art Project 2007: Sphaera by Stephan Balkenhol

Christmas in Salzburg--a store that sells a bizillion egg ornaments!

merchandising Mozart and other famous Austrians

more merchandising of Mozart!

ubiquitous merchandising of Mozart and his wife Constance as chocolates!

Kapitelplatz with horse bath
view of fortress at top

SOM scene: Maria and Captain got married at this church (located in Mondsee Town) (sorry forgot the name of the church)

SOM scene: Liesl and Rolf danced and sang here (gazebo now located at Hellbrunn Palace)

SOM scene: front of Von Trapp mansion (see yellowish wall?) Sorry the tour could not stop here since it is a private residence

SOM scene: Mirabell Palace--Maria and children sang and danced here around the pegasus fountain and steps (way in the back)

SOM scene: horse bath--Maria and children passed by here

SOM scene: Mirabell Palace dwarf park--Maria and children passed by here too

SOM scene: Leopold Mansion--back view of Von Trapp mansion

SOM scene: Mirabell Palace--Maria and children ran through here

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