Monday, July 30, 2012

Austria: A Dog-Friendly Country! July 2012

Austrian dogs can go almost anywhere with their owners: restaurants, subways, outdoor tourist attractions. We didn't see any misbehaving dogs while we were in Austria. They all were very calm and stayed by their owners' side.
Dog at Gasthof Schachlwirt Restaurant in Salzburg

Dog sign stating dogs must be on a leash in a park in Mondsee Town

Dog at Bankhammer dairy farm in Salzburg. He wanted to play stick and kept bringing it to me.

Notice the giant great dane in the background!

Dog and owner admiring a free-range cow at Krimml Falls

This dog is named Mex. He lives at Haus Elisabeth B+B in Zell am See. The owner said he doesn't get to go outside because he's big and may scare the neighbors.

This dog was enjoying the alpine water of Krimml Falls. He kept barking at his owners as if saying "Come on in! The water is fine!"

The Rummels' dog in Lofer

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