Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer Trip to Germany and Austria: July 9--31, 2018

Munich: Bavarian National Museum

Fussen, Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

Fussen: Kalvarienberg

Innsbruck: ride to the top on Nordkette (see Mark?)

Innsbruck: Court Church

Innsbruck: Golden Roof

Lofer, Austria: Waterfall Trail

Mark sketching in Lofer

Mr and Mrs Rummel wearing traditional dirndl dress and lederhosen shorts/jacket

Lofer: grave of Mark's maternal grandmother
(many thanks to the Rummels for taking care of the grave--we added 2 figurines, 2 river stones and a heart-shaped stone)

Salzburg: view from Florian's garden who lives at the castle fortress

Vienna: Shonbrunn Palace

ice cream at The Bakery by Didi Maier
(celebrity chef/son-in-law of the Rummels)

eiskaffee at WaldMeierei, Liechtenstein Castle, south of Vienna

Sachertorte! at Ritter Café, Vienna

dining at Stiftskeller Restaurant, Innsbruck

at Impreis grocery store

breakfast buffet at Schoberl BnB, Fussen

mural by Klimt brothers at Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna


Rhonda Frazier said...

N9 doubt you guys had fun. Awesome pics.

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Nice photos.