Thursday, July 31, 2014

Germany: Cochem/Moselkern/Muden July 2014

 our BB room: Zum Frohlichen Weinberg
 Cochem Castle
 view of Mosel River from Cochem Castle
 Cochem Castle
 eiskaffee and Sacher torte at Cochem Castle Café
 touristy gift shop in Cochem
 Moselkern, where the trail begins to hike up to Burg Eltz Castle
 hiking for 2 hours to the castle!
 Burg Eltz Castle
 Burg Eltz
 Burg Eltz
 a station of the cross, on the Moselsteig hiking trail
 on the way down to Muden, on the Moselsteig trail, passing a vineyard, additional 1.5 hrs of hiking!
 dinner at Pomo D'Oro, Cochem
one of our favorite beers: radler

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