Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Fairy Orb

Salisbury, England
Here is another Fairy Orb image. I am creating this series based on my European travels. Last night I applied for the Artists' League Professional Development Award. I explained on my application that I am working on this series for an Artport Gallery proposal to COCA ( Also this series is influenced/inspired by my TV watching. One time, I was watching the BBC series Merlin. In one scene, Merlin was being healed by river nymphs floating around him in water bubbles. That image gave me the idea of fairies in "orbs". Recently I had been watching HBO True Detective. In the opening credit scenes, a lot of images from the show are collaged or layered while flowing in and out. Hence I have been using "blending" techniques in this series. Each image contains photographs that I took at each location on my trips. Of course each image also contains an "orb". Interestingly I tried using a figurative image in the orbs but that didn't work out for some reason. So these fairies have no figures or wings--just little spheres!

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